Definition of Cape Dutch in English:

Cape Dutch


mass nounhistorical
  • The form of Dutch spoken by the early settlers at the Cape of Good Hope, which developed into Afrikaans.

    • ‘By analysing the sources we can see the development of Dutch, via Cape Dutch, into Afrikaans.’


  • 1historical Relating to the Cape Dutch language.

  • 2Of or denoting a style of furniture or architecture used by early settlers in South Africa.

    ‘our vast Cape Dutch chest’
    • ‘The south side is dominated by an impressive entrance portico topped by a Cape Dutch gable, but the architecture is an eclectic mix of styles.’
    • ‘Some of these styles, like Cape Dutch and Cape Malay, are unique to South Africa and are rich in culture and heritage, while others like Victorian and Art deco are more international.’
    • ‘So, along with the buildings being both Cape Dutch and Georgian in style, it also has some element of eastern design.’
    • ‘Stellenbosch contains restored Cape Dutch architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries.’
    • ‘There is an underground barrel cellar that will be eventually topped by a further Cape Dutch building where tastings and sales will take place.’
    • ‘This is a Victorian rendition of the Cape Dutch style, known as ‘farmyard architecture’.’
    • ‘As is typical of the Cape Dutch style of architecture, Libertas has a geometrically aligned façade.’
    • ‘The historic Zandvliet homestead is a grand example of vintage Cape Dutch architecture.’
    • ‘It is not uncommon for a Cape Dutch building to have unleveled floors, door and window frames.’
    • ‘Gracious Cape Dutch homesteads harmoniously dot the landscape add a rich historical and architectural tradition.’
    • ‘If the Cape Dutch style can be likened to pastry, then Klippe Rivier is as light as pastry should be, but the pillar-tops are heavy and aesthetically indigestible.’
    • ‘The two garden suites are in the Cape Dutch vernacular - built to high specification, they each have their own patio, ‘Hot Art’ fireplace, and off street parking area.’
    • ‘Enjoy a drive down the oak-shaded Main Street of Paarl, a winelands town with tine Cape Dutch buildings.’
    • ‘A beautiful Cape Dutch homestead offering 1 exclusive, private, self-catering Garden Cottage, with separate entrance, situated in the heart of Newlands Village in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town.’