Definition of capaciousness in English:



  • See capacious

    • ‘Edson jovially stresses the capaciousness of the genre.’
    • ‘A crucial element of Fiedler's brilliance as a critic was the generous capaciousness of his responses.’
    • ‘To that end, we tested a host of models and picked the exemplars of four signal sea-kayaking virtues: capaciousness, zip, ease of use, and portability.’
    • ‘Imitating it too faithfully would have killed the film's fragile momentum, but Minghella, working with the matchlessly resourceful editor Walter Murch, has tightened Frazier's ungainly tale while preserving its epic capaciousness.’
    • ‘Critics argued that the narrowness of Rawls's philosophical lexicon undercut the capaciousness of his moral aims, thus failing to take diversity, especially religious pluralism, seriously enough.’