Definition of capaciously in English:



  • See capacious

    • ‘André Campra was a relatively small fish in these capaciously glittering waters: a man born in 1660 and nurtured provincially in ecclesiastical circles in Aix-en-Provence.’
    • ‘Like his namesake, Lal Krishna, the bookstore's owner is an émigré from Karachi: but whereas that other Advani is humourless and hardnosed and fundamentalist, this Advani is kindly and wise and capaciously catholic.’
    • ‘Now he took sanyas from politics, settled down in a small house, read capaciously, and wrote his versions of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.’
    • ‘Whether soldiers or civilians, Capa's subjects were always recognizably, indeed capaciously, human, and their corpses remained, for the most part, buried in private.’
    • ‘If Volkslied was capaciously inclusive in Herder's coinage, so too are worldbeat, global pop, and, yes, world music for the recording industry.’