Definition of cap rock in English:

cap rock


mass noun
  • A layer of hard impervious rock overlying and often sealing in a deposit of oil, gas, or coal.

    • ‘Both species occur in the uppermost cap rock layer of the Upper Albian Boracho Formation northeast of Ft. Stockton, Pecos County, Texas.’
    • ‘The parasequence is further distinguished by the occurrence of Beedeina bowiensis and B. cf. rockymontana in the carbonate cap rock.’
    • ‘The ship first drilled in the Gulf of Mexico and in the process managed to prove one of the Doc's pet theories: that there were salt domes in the Gulf and that these were the cap rocks for oil reservoirs.’
    • ‘The ejecta from Bonneville didn't get excavated from deep enough from beneath this volcanic cap rock.’
    • ‘In some instances the alteration is so intense that all that remains of the host is a porous siliceous cap rock.’
    • ‘Flint Ridge flint forms the cap rock of the Flint Ridge highlands because of its resistance to weathering.’
    • ‘These aspects include the escape of hydrocarbons from source rocks, leakage of cap rocks, and a variety of near-surface engineering problems.’
    • ‘The cap rock was drilled through and a massive expansion of gas at the bottom of the well caused a blow-out, throwing mud high into the air.’
    • ‘I'm seeing a mini-convergence line tendency over near the cap rock and extending northerly along it today.’
    • ‘The cap rock of some domes contains economic concentrations of sulfur that are extracted as a melt by the Frasch Process.’
    • ‘In the same work cited above, Scott also noted the occurrence of Mexicaprina minuta and Kimbleia sp. in the upper Albian cap rock near Fort Stockton, Pecos County, Texas.’