Definition of cap of liberty in English:

cap of liberty


  • A soft conical cap given to Roman slaves on their emancipation and often used as a republican symbol in more recent times.

    • ‘The Revolution forced Louis XVI to exchange his crown for a red cap of liberty.’
    • ‘They embroidered banners, sashes and caps of liberty for speakers, organized tea parties and soirées to raise money or to entertain and honour leading figures, and took the leading role in setting up the many Chartist day and evening schools that were established for adults and children throughout the manufacturing districts.’
    • ‘The flags and caps of liberty were cut down, the leaders apprehended, both male and female; and some resistance being made, some were killed and many wounded.’
    • ‘They also brought with them arms and ammunition, caps of liberty, national cockades, and a flag on which was inscribed in large characters, ‘Liberté, Egalité, ou la Mort!’’
    • ‘A coin of Galba shews us this goddess standing, with a horn of plenty in the left hand, holding in her right the pileus or cap of liberty.’
    • ‘On a punch bowl in the Colonial Williamsburg collections, Wilkes's image and the cap of liberty encouraged colonists.’
    • ‘On 29 October 1816, a huge demonstration of reputedly 40,000 marched to Thrushgrove behind banners demanding political reform, large brooms to sweep away corruption and caps of liberty to symbolise the call for freedom, by far the largest gathering that had been held in Glasgow up until that date.’
    • ‘Removing the episcopal insignia, he put on a cap of liberty and declared that the only religion of a free people should be that of Liberty and Equality.’
    • ‘The obverse of the coin contains a picture of the cap of liberty which refers to the dismissal of the tax in AD 38 and the liberation of the people from its burden.’
    • ‘These persons bore two banners, surmounted with caps of liberty, and bearing the inscriptions,’ no corn laws ’, ‘annual parliaments’,’ universal suffrage ’, ‘vote by ballot’.’


cap of liberty

/ˌkap əv ˈlɪbəti/