Definition of cantonal in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkant(ə)n(ə)l//kanˈtɒn(ə)l/


  • See canton

    • ‘Following the Roman conquest the settlement was made into the cantonal capital of the region and was enclosed within a series of perimeter walls defining an irregular octagon in plan.’
    • ‘Women's participation in political institutions also shows inequality: On the communal, cantonal, and federal levels, women represent one-third of candidates and only one-quarter of those elected.’
    • ‘Radicals wanted to abolish cantonal sovereignty, which served only to shore up the local oligarchies, and to move towards a democratic, unitary republic like the Helvetic Republic imposed by the French in 1798.’
    • ‘The national and cantonal governments have taken very active roles in attempting to curtail these problems and in doing so have proven willing to ‘think outside of the box.’’
    • ‘The Swiss are involved in political decision-making throughout the year on the local, cantonal, and federal level.’