Definition of cantina in English:



  • 1(especially in a Spanish-speaking country or the south-western US) a bar.

    • ‘Remember the cantina in Star Wars where Luke meets Hans Solo?!’
    • ‘An hour later, I caught a bus to Mexico City, spent a number of dollars in a couple of cantinas, then flew to New Orleans.’
    • ‘The bars are doing a booming business and there are now some fifteen gay clubs, bars, cantinas and lounges, almost all of them in the unique part of town known as the South Side.’
    • ‘The Outlaw Star was one of the most popular cantinas in the entire colony.’
    • ‘Along the way, Terry finds time to carouse in local cantinas and spends time with a variety of young, pretty Cuban women.’
    • ‘On my last day in Culiacan, I wander into a nameless cantina near the market and order a beer.’
    • ‘But then I noticed, I was the only one in the whole cantina by myself.’
    • ‘The cantina was filled with spirits, of the rough sort; I asked for the washroom, feeling the sure clink of change and damp currency in my sock pocket.’
    • ‘The truck was parked on the street outside the cantina.’
    • ‘This summer, heart-warming scenes like the above are being played out across the plages and dance floors of Europe, in the cantinas and tapas bars.’
    • ‘The brew school boasts a 124-seat theater, full multimedia capability, three conference rooms and three bars: a Mexican cantina, a European bar and an American sports bar.’
    • ‘The cantinas grew more upscale as they reached the center of town.’
    • ‘Later, though, after a few beers at a cantina in El Real, Vásquez confesses his frustration.’
    • ‘It's only a 6 peso bus ride from the Hotel Zone to downtown Cancun, with its great home-grown Mexican restaurants and cantinas.’
    • ‘If things get too hot, take one of the rattan chairs on the pavement and dream of cactuses and cantinas under Mexican sun.’
    • ‘There is a thunderstorm outside that may wash out the scheduled explosion; in the cantina, despite anxiety about the future, the talk remains close to becalmed.’
    • ‘The nearest clinic was more than 50 miles away over rough terrain and inhospitable roads, and her husband, her only assistant during a half-dozen previous births, was drinking at a cantina.’
    • ‘He owes Doña Ananá for a month of drinks at her cantina.’
    • ‘We had arranged to meet up in a local cantina with Francisco, a Mexican friend from Tucson.’
    • ‘Juan Carlos Santiago entered a small cantina in a very small village north of Bogota and took a seat at a large table in the very back corner of the darkly lit bar.’
    1. 1.1 (in Italy) a wine shop.
      • ‘The famous cantina has been changed into a barber shop which is run by several quirky and humorous black men.’


Late 19th century: from Spanish and Italian.