Definition of cantharus in English:


nounPlural canthari

  • (in ancient Greece and Rome) a large two-handled drinking cup.

    • ‘In the eastern panel, superimposed vine scrolls generated from four canthari placed in the corners, rotate around the stone trap door of the hypogean tomb, as well as around the medallion set close to the west side of the panel.’
    • ‘Romano-British floor mosaic, featuring an elaborate design of four octagons and canthari and dolphins.’
    • ‘The most ordinary, perhaps, is the cantharus, or two-handled cup, which was particularly sacred to Bacchus.’
    • ‘The inventory of the Bosut group settlements includes also cups with a handle higher than the rim, and canthari.’
    • ‘Next to these are highly stylised canthari with spiralled handles and with V-shaped patterns shaded red and white on their necks.’


Latin, from Greek kantharos.