Definition of cantal in English:



mass noun
  • A hard, strong cheese made chiefly in the Auvergne.

    • ‘Arrange the bacon and cantal pieces evenly in the dish, and pour in the egg mixture slowly so as not to disturb them too much: you want them to stay evenly distributed.’
    • ‘A couple of weekends ago, I discovered a fabulous cheese at the farmer's market in Cholet: cantal.’
    • ‘A few days ago I mentioned cantal cheese in a posting, and Dennis asked me in a comment if we can get the three different cantal cheese styles here in the Loire Valley.’
    • ‘In a wood-fired oven by the entrance a well-practised chef turns out gallettes auvergnates, delicate pizza-like tarts whose base is akin to water biscuit, whose top comprises ham, saucisson, cantal, mushrooms and egg.’
    • ‘I liked the Manchego very much, and it reminded me a little of the French cantal: same off-white color, a little peppery and piquant, with a soft texture that has a tendency to flake.’


Named after Cantal, a department of Auvergne, France.