Definition of canonization in English:


(British canonisation)


  • See canonize

    • ‘From the moment of his death and canonization two years later, the saga of Francis of Assisi has been retold and reshaped.’
    • ‘This campaign has caused dismay to many Catholic historians, especially in view of the fact that the canonization of a saint may be viewed as an authoritative, if not quasi-infallible, papal act.’
    • ‘His bull of canonization says, without obvious irony, that his lifelong pursuit of holiness had ill prepared him for the papacy, and it praised him for resigning lest some disaster fall upon the church.’
    • ‘Pope John's canonization should help to illuminate the constants in his spiritual journey.’
    • ‘The very process of canonization, of establishing an agreed list of books which are recognized as authoritative and excluding others which are not, is part of an attempt to limit diversity and deviance of belief within the community.’