Definition of cannulation in English:



  • See cannulate

    • ‘After the cannulation sites are prepared, the surgeon proceeds with aortic cannulation and venous cannulation.’
    • ‘The article by Wallach in this issue reminds us that even such a frequently used and seemingly benign procedure as cannulation of the radial artery can result in serious complications.’
    • ‘Central venous cannulation is an oft performed and sometimes life saving procedure, and lack of competence in this technique among physicians in training suggests that training needs to be changed.’
    • ‘Critically ill patients and patients undergoing major surgery, such as cardiovascular or neurosurgical procedures, often require arterial cannulation.’
    • ‘If calcium is identified in the aorta, the surgeon can alter his or her approach to cannulation and proximal graft sites by cannulating in a noncalcified area, cannulating in the femoral vessels, or grafting to the left subclavian artery.’