Definition of cannoneer in English:



  • An artilleryman who positioned and fired a cannon.

    • ‘The divergence in success between the two black artillery battalions at Bastogne, nevertheless, does not detract from the stellar performance of the cannoneers.’
    • ‘He fought in the war as a British sailor and cannoneer for six years before he was seriously wounded during an engagement with a Dutch vessel.’
    • ‘It was later in the Peninsular Campaign that taps were first played at a military funeral after an artillery cannoneer was killed in action.’
    • ‘The cannoneers of Lille recognized her as their saint in 1417, describing themselves as the ‘Confrères de Sainte Barbe’.’
    • ‘The allied army began preparations for the offensive, supported by the accurate bombardment of the British by the French cannoneers.’