Definition of cannonball in English:



  • 1A round metal or stone projectile fired from a cannon.

    • ‘Over seven years we found guns, muskets, tools, swords and cannonballs - we just reburied it all near the site.’
    • ‘Recent finds include copper pins marked with the broad arrow of the Admiralty, copper sheathing, pan weights, musket balls, cannonballs and a sounding lead.’
    • ‘Determine the curve described by cannonballs and bombs, taking into consideration the resistance of the air; give rules for obtaining the ranges corresponding to different initial velocities and to different angles of projection.’
    • ‘After several more jerky movements, he shot him self like a cannonball at Stone, sending him flying almost into a wall.’
    • ‘He also possessed a secret weapon: bronze cannonballs which, according to their German manufacturer, could blast the walls of Babylon itself.’
    • ‘In the heyday of the Hapsburgs, Viennese noblemen, for want of other diversion, amused themselves by firing cannonballs into the annual armadas of migrating beluga sturgeon that swam up the Danube to spawn.’
    • ‘A nearby black hole, hurtling like a cannonball through the plane of our Milky Way, has provided possibly the best evidence yet that stellar-mass black holes are made in supernova explosions.’
    • ‘Dozens of rounds of ammo, bombs and even cannonballs are fired at the trio, yet don't produce one scratch.’
    • ‘The Crimean War yielded inkwells made from Russian cannonballs, and the mainly naval Spanish-American war of 1898 produced souvenirs made from submarine cable cut while under fire, and artillery shells made into cigar cutters.’
    • ‘Unhappily, one barrel inevitably discharged before the other causing the cannonballs either to describe an irregular and unpredictable trajectory or, worse, to whip around in a potentially fatal fashion.’
    • ‘Also uncovered were musket balls, cannonballs, a grenade and tools.’
    • ‘Mortars, as seen in the top right and bottom left hand pictures, were used to fire cannonballs over walls into a courtyard to kill soldiers and cause general damage.’
    • ‘The question was posed in the latter half of the 16th century, when Sir Walter Raleigh asked the English mathematician Thomas Harriot for a quick way to estimate the number of cannonballs that could be stacked on the deck of a ship.’
    • ‘The chief of the boat, Francis Sharkey had expressed concerns about the compartments near the reactor room, after the boat had taken several hits from the old fashioned cannonballs fired at them from the square rigger.’
    • ‘Using the manual option allows you to attempt to disable the enemy boat's sails with chain shot, destroy the boat's hull with cannonballs, or kill off the crew with grapeshot.’
    • ‘The selection includes bombs from both World Wars, cannonballs, and a massive bronze shell which will hopefully be suspended from the ceiling according to curator Marilyn Bullivant.’
    • ‘A small difference in the angle of a cannon will make the cannonball land in a slightly different place.’
    • ‘We had been told that cannonballs were scattered liberally over this small bay, but seeing them in situ was something else.’
    • ‘If a cannon is fired from atop a high hill, the cannonball will fall to Earth, landing some distance away.’
    • ‘Found on board were Portuguese pottery, oak barrels, textiles including the hem of a medieval robe, a stone cannonball and parts of original rigging and sails.’
    ball, bullet, slug, projectile
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  • 2North American A jump into water feet first with the knees clasped to the chest.

    • ‘But still, I usually like to lounge about in a chaise longue or something while everyone else is doing cannonballs and jackknives and freakish flips off the diving board.’
    • ‘I jumped as if to do a cannonball, but then turned into a dive while I was falling.’
    • ‘He flew from the top of the diving board, landing in a cannonball, splashing water over the edges of the pool walls.’
    • ‘Yukirin quickly leaped into the water, doing a cannonball and splashing Fiona.’
    • ‘‘That's how Greg does his cannonballs since Mom won't let him do a real cannonball,’ Andrew informed her.’
    • ‘A third simply jumped straight up and fell, completing a comic cannonball.’
    • ‘I was resisting the urge to become annoyed, but when I got to the part where Tacky does a splashy cannonball Matt shut the book with a snap and jumped off my lap.’
    • ‘After an opening sequence that uses up all of Garfield's four jokes - his love of lasagna, the remote control, cannonball jumps and tormenting the dog and cat next door - the plot creaks into gear.’
    • ‘She ran down the hill, off the deck, and did a cannonball into the water.’
    • ‘Of course, it might be a good idea if you make friends with some of the nearby residents before you do naked cannonballs into their neighbourhood swimming hole.’
    • ‘Suddenly, Tyler did a cannonball into the water.’
    • ‘The lad was already bare-foot, so without a second's hesitation, Darius leaped and fastened his arms about his knees, achieving the roaring splash of a cannonball.’
    • ‘Shaylee yelled as she jumped off the diving board doing a cannonball.’
    • ‘He's gonna try a cannonball off the high dive and wash all the water from the pool.’
    • ‘They eat Burger King, have freestyle rap battles, listen to heavy metal, e-mail their families, play golf and do cannonballs off the diving board in the palace swimming pool.’