Definition of cannon bone in English:

cannon bone


  • A long tube-shaped bone in the lower leg of a horse or other large quadruped, between the fetlock and the knee or hock.

    • ‘Even stranger, while the hindfeet have a cannon bone, the third and fourth metacarpals of the forefeet are either unfused or only partially fused.’
    • ‘The third and fourth metapodials in fore and hind feet are fused to form a single bone, the cannon bone, which is considerably elongated.’
    • ‘Jason Oliver was tossed headfirst in front of Savage Cabbage when the horse broke a cannon bone and fell before skidding along the track with the jockey trapped under him.’
    • ‘Dual classic winner Afleet Alex was back on the track on Saturday, one day after his first gallop since suffering a hairline condylar fracture of the cannon bone in his left foreleg on July 27 at Belmont Park.’
    • ‘Mirage, suffering a fracture to his cannon bone and fetlock joint, was euthanized.’