Definition of cannery in English:



  • A factory where food is canned.

    • ‘Aside from all that writing, she has been a scaler in a salmon cannery, a reporter, photographer and darkroom manager for daily newspapers, a late show disk jockey and a communications consultant.’
    • ‘Kumtor drew the line, however, at a request to build a cannery and fruit-drying facility so villagers could send their products to Siberia.’
    • ‘Built on the location of an old cannery, this new port is strategically located across from the entrance to Glacier Bay National Park.’
    • ‘It's coming to the end, the factories and canneries slowly sink into the grit.’
    • ‘In other islands, where tourist resorts, a cannery, the airport, and other small industries are located, employees are provided with temporary accommodations.’
    • ‘This was a good yield, but the cannery was only paying me $102 per ton.’
    • ‘The cannery is the last on the island, once a world fishery center with 16 canneries that processed tuna, salmon, herring and other fish.’
    • ‘The cannery brought in herring from other countries, but capelin had become the major industrial species.’
    • ‘He set up a cannery in Glencolumbcille with the parish priest Fr McDyer and got the local people growing vegetables.’
    • ‘He spends four or five days a week in the main cannery in Samutsakorn, southwest of Bangkok, with occasional visits to a smaller plant in Petchaburi.’
    • ‘Instead, Pago Pago currently hosts the StarKist and ‘Chicken of the Sea’ tuna canneries, making it the most important commercial fishing port under the American flag.’
    • ‘The Asian immigrant laborers were lured by the false promise of gold and wealth, only to sweat, work and die for pennies in the fields, mines, fish canneries, and railroads.’
    • ‘She worked for years in the berry fields of Oregon as well as in local canneries and frozen food processing plants.’
    • ‘Cultivars of chilli Anaheim, C. annuum, was developed in California c. 1900 for the new cannery at Anaheim.’
    • ‘He ran a hotel and resort that was once ‘the best and best-known vacation spot for coloured folk on the East Coast’; that was back in the 1940s, before the place was ruined by the stench of the canneries and the onset of integration.’
    • ‘Foreign-born women staffed canneries, textile mills, and garment factories and worked as cooks and child-care providers for middle-class Americans.’
    • ‘Over the years, there were seven lobster canneries on the Island, and during the lobster season people, mostly women from P.E.I., would come to work in them.’
    • ‘Instead of selling your catch to a middle man, you would sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery.’
    • ‘The company instead had contracted with a cannery in Peru, where asparagus is grown year-round, an acre yields three times as many spears and workers earn a tenth of what Rivera makes.’
    • ‘In addition to gold mining and oil drilling, major industries include coffee, copra, cocoa, cattle, oil palm, timber and wood-chip mills, and tuna canneries.’