Definition of cane rat in English:

cane rat


  • A large ratlike African rodent found in wetlands south of the Sahara. It is often a pest of sugar plantations.

    Family Thryonomyidae and genus Thryonomys: two species

    • ‘Squirrels, cane rats, gerbils, and mice are known from the smaller fossils.’
    • ‘The giant rat, the cane rat, the common house mouse, and other species of rats and mice are all eaten.’
    • ‘In sugar cane plantations cane rats and mice cause havoc.’
    • ‘Fear soon gave way to thrill, though, as we watched him run off with a huge cane rat in his mouth.’
    • ‘Wild-caught cane rat is commonly eaten, so captive breeding will not alter the traditional lifestyle, only make it easier.’


cane rat