Definition of cane corso in English:

cane corso


  • A dog of a large, athletic breed of mastiff, developed in Italy.

    ‘Hercules is a black cane corso who tips the scale at about 150 pounds’
    • ‘The cane corso doesn't bark much but has chased people who come into the yard and shows teeth.’
    • ‘Quite simply, the Cane Corso is one of the most versatile breeds around, capable of excelling in a number of different pursuits and functions.’
    • ‘Cane corsos make incredible guard dogs.’
    • ‘I have recently adopted a beautiful Cane Corso.’
    • ‘He has three more dogs, two Cane Corsos and a Rottweiler, at friends' houses.’


Italian, literally ‘Corsican dog’, from cane ‘dog’ and corso ‘Corsican’.


cane corso

/ˌkɑːneɪ ˈkɔːsəʊ/