Definition of cane chair in English:

cane chair


  • A chair with a seat made of woven cane strips.

    • ‘Cushioned cane chairs and large tables with blue cloths give the place a ‘picnic’ atmosphere, and the brightly shirted attendants all heighten the tropical impression.’
    • ‘Dressed in a short mundu, his small lean frame bare above the waist except for the thread, he sat in a cushionless cane chair and listened patiently to my questions.’
    • ‘In the center was a large round table covered with green billiard cloth and surrounded by seven cane chairs.’
    • ‘The cane chairs may turn out to be a little rickety and you may have to guard against someone plonking themselves on your delicate low seat, for it could collapse along with them.’
    • ‘His liquid brown eyes had clearly conveyed the boredom and disinterest he felt, right from the moment he had lithely eased his sturdy yet slim frame into the cane chair across from her.’
    • ‘Figzy walked over to a cane chair in the corner of the room and slouched himself in it before resting his head on his hands.’
    • ‘The atmosphere is best described as ‘warm and homely’ with padded cane chairs and brightly dressed tables with gold covers and red throw-overs and the tables all have their own pepper grinders.’
    • ‘The tropical atmosphere is heightened by the cane chairs and brightened by the ‘Modigliani’ style place mats.’
    • ‘In the evening we sit in cane chairs on a blue-railed verandah.’
    • ‘The cane chairs and mattresses scattered about the room accentuated the smallness.’
    • ‘The book is a charming novel that's ideal to read while curled up in a cane chair.’
    • ‘Much of this went to the colonies in North America and the West Indies, where English cane chairs commonly appear in inventories and bills from 1680 onwards.’
    • ‘Each day at the crack of dawn we would sit out in the garden in cane chairs waiting for the first rays of a timorous sun to gild the Himalayas.’
    • ‘He sensed, rather than felt, the coarseness of the cane chair beneath his hand, the hardness of the ring on his finger.’
    • ‘Sitting in a cane chair beneath the palms on the veranda of the Hotel Nacional I discovered a dangerous thing.’
    • ‘It was sparsely furnished with a centre table and four cane chairs.’