Definition of cane barracks in English:

cane barracks


  • Living quarters for itinerant workers employed in cutting cane.

    ‘a cane barracks was no place to raise a young girl’
    • ‘On the farm we used to go round selling eggs, pork and veal to the men in the cane barracks in the slack.’
    • ‘She lived in the cane-barracks while the season lasted.’
    • ‘He was shot and killed in his bed at the cane barracks at Stone River.’
    • ‘I didn't stay long as I wanted to get to the cane barracks by dark’
    • ‘They lived in an old cane barracks the other side of Aloomba.’
    • ‘None of the loose ribaldry of the cane-barracks had ever affected him.’
    • ‘We could see the corrugated iron huts of the cane barracks.’
    • ‘Attention is also given to the hygiene of the farms, especially in the region of the cane barracks and in or near the canefields.’
    • ‘There were large gangs of men on railway construction sites and in cane barracks.’
    • ‘It shows a scene from the cane barracks at dinner time.’