Definition of CANDU in English:


(also Candu)


  • A nuclear reactor of a Canadian design in which the fuel is unenriched uranium oxide clad in zircaloy and the coolant and moderator is heavy water.

    • ‘The following day it staged a photo opportunity for the signing of a memorandum with AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd) which designs and makes Candu nuclear plants.’
    • ‘Hints from the SKP that it might reopen the province to a Candu nuclear industry likely reinforced the polarization of the vote to the benefit of Calvert.’
    • ‘In the case of Canada it was estimated that the specific overnight cost of a twin Candu 9 plant is 75% of the specific overnight cost of single Candu 6.’
    • ‘The United Nations Energy Agency can confirm that there is no evidence that any country has ever used material from a Candu reactor to make nuclear weapons.’


From Can(ada) + the initial letters of deuterium and uranium.