Definition of candlepower in English:



mass noun
  • Illuminating power expressed in candelas or candles.

    as modifier ‘a 16-candlepower lamp’
    • ‘The lighthouse, built in the 1880s, is one of only three of its kind left in the world, and has been fully restored to shine its 5800 candlepower light 33 km out to sea using its original flat lens.’
    • ‘If they succeed, candlepower could become part and parcel of leading-edge rocket science.’
    • ‘Some areas at the Tate were inexplicably illuminated at the low candlepower reserved for the most fragile old-master drawings.’
    • ‘This 75,000 candlepower monster is contained in a 12-inch machined aluminium case and will run for up to an hour on one charge.’
    • ‘Think of lumens as the overall report card for the total semester of a flashlight's performance while candlepower is the score on just one test.’
    • ‘Aladdin Mantle Lamps use kerosene and emit 60 candlepower of light without smoke or odor.’
    • ‘The candlepower of truth could extinguish the firepower of genocide.’
    • ‘Bury people reacted to black-out life and candlepower lighting this week as industrial action by electricity workers left the country in the dark.’
    • ‘The XM930 contains a standard illuminant mix which provides approximately 1 million candlepower of light whereas the XM983 contains an infrared illuminant mix for use with standard night vision devices.’
    • ‘‘Zero visibility means holding a 50,000 - candlepower light in your hand and not knowing it's on,’ explains Butch Hendrick of Lifeguard Systems.’