Definition of candleholder in English:



  • A holder or support for a candle.

    • ‘Silver candleholders were placed neatly around the room to provide light in the evening hours.’
    • ‘A shelf held a rush burner of coarse iron, next to a candleholder of finely wrought bronze, and another of horn trimmed in sliver.’
    • ‘If you wish to reuse a candleholder after the current candles has melted completely, put the container in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes.’
    • ‘I don't use candles very much except during rituals, but when I do I have a number of small blue glass candleholders for them.’
    • ‘The designer has recently completed a diverse range of accessories including lamps, mirrors, candleholders and wine racks.’
    • ‘To add some real warmth to your living room, place candleholders or candles either on the coffee table, or hang candleholders on your living room wall.’
    • ‘Combine tapers of a uniform color with totally different kinds of candleholders or alternate the style of the holders, one black, and one white.’
    • ‘Though home redecorating can be costly, there are places that make it easy to find the right candleholders, picture frames, plants, and plant holders for your rooms.’
    • ‘Clear-glass candleholders, vases and potpourri bowls scattered throughout add a reflective sparkle to the room.’
    • ‘On the table, the candleholder lies empty: the three candles must have melted into nothingness some time ago.’
    • ‘Their production of utilitarian household items such as candleholders is considered an art form.’
    • ‘The candleholders that decked the walls were of a high quality of gold.’
    • ‘These candleholders are made with clear beveled glass.’
    • ‘I m always very careful with them and am conscious of putting the candles into proper candleholders but, even being careful, twice in the last month, I've had episodes with candles that could have been extremely serious.’
    • ‘You can substitute for them with glass or candles and candleholders.’
    • ‘Good cups to use are the small votive candleholders easily found where candles are purchased.’
    • ‘After about a meter into the room a flight of stairs marched upwards, lit every so often by elaborate and rustic candleholders with red, thin candles.’
    • ‘Once inside, Dan began lighting the candles in the big candleholders.’
    • ‘During the row that followed he threw the candleholder, hitting Miss Moore on the head.’
    • ‘To mark the occasion the Portlaoise Guides and Brownies made a presentation of two new candleholders and candles to SS Peters and Paul's Parish Church.’