Definition of candidly in English:



  • In an honest and straightforward way; frankly.

    ‘he candidly discussed his efforts to find employment’
    • ‘Allow me, for a moment, to speak candidly about economics, from one consumer to another.’
    • ‘He told the newspaper candidly that the prospect of developing a soccer field in the village was a slender one.’
    • ‘Tom speaks candidly about the stigma attached to a person leaving the priesthood and on the family of the priest.’
    • ‘She talks candidly about her thoughts on cancer and how she feels more should be done to look into its causes rather than focusing on treatment.’
    • ‘The central character, as Thackeray candidly admitted, is based closely on himself.’
    • ‘He patiently and candidly answers the accusations as they are served up to him one by one.’
    • ‘From here on out, people must speak candidly or not speak at all.’
    • ‘The boys talk candidly about what it is like growing up on the estate and give their views on girlfriends and sex.’
    • ‘He candidly acknowledges that he's got to start doing things "the old-fashioned way."’
    • ‘He and his classmates candidly acknowledge how ethnic realities affect them.’