Definition of candelabra tree in English:

candelabra tree


  • Either of two trees with upward-curving boughs.

    a tropical African tree (genus Euphorbia, family Euphorbiaceae).

    a South American pine tree related to the monkey puzzle (Araucaria angustifolia, family Araucariaceae).

    • ‘The candelabra tree is beautiful, but poisonous.’
    • ‘In many respects, the stems of the African milk-tree resemble those of the candelabra cactus and the candelabra tree.’
    • ‘After camping on the foggy ridge of immense Ngorongoro Crater, we descended past weird candelabra trees onto the golden grassy crater floor.’
    • ‘This landscape supports an array of fascinating plants ranging from towering cactus-like candelabra trees to the bizarre, massive baobab tree.’
    • ‘Our camp is set about with giant euphorbia candelabra trees.’
    • ‘An immaculate lakeshore location below the Ruwenzori Mountains and a lush cover of green grassland dotted with tall cactus-like candelabra trees and sunken crater lakes make this perhaps the most conventionally scenic of all East African savannah reserves.’
    • ‘Every year, more than 1,000 schoolchildren visit Ol Ari Nyiro to see the elephant, cape buffalo, camels and rare black rhino that graze on the candelabra trees.’
    • ‘Down on the ground, Ken Harte, 70, an American tourist and passionate birdwatcher treads past a narrow valley's candelabra trees and prickly pear, hoping for a rare glimpse of a species not yet recorded in the Horn of Africa country.’
    • ‘Typical vegetation up against the slopes consists of succulents such as elephant's food, candelabra trees and aloes forming dense, impenetrable thickets.’
    • ‘Termite mounds stud the open grassland and there are forests of teak and candelabra trees.’


candelabra tree