Definition of canary creeper in English:

canary creeper


  • A South American climbing plant related to the nasturtium. It has bright yellow flowers with deeply toothed petals, which give the appearance of a small bird in flight.

    Tropaeolium peregrinum, family Tropaeolaceae

    • ‘The canary creeper has five-lobed leaves and bird-like flowers, and a style of growth that separates it from the typical tropaeolums.’
    • ‘The canary creeper is an annual or perennial climber with 5-lobed, light to grayish green leaves.’
    • ‘The canary creeper is a tolerant, fast-growing garden plant that grows easiest in full sun, in well-drained composted garden soil against a wall or fence.’
    • ‘When the clematis and roses get their heads down for autumn, canary creepers and morning glory are just putting their boots on.’
    • ‘For quick colour don't forget the old-fashioned nasturtium, and the canary creeper and the morning glory too which are grown from seed in the spring and flower right through from June to September.’