Definition of canal boat in English:

canal boat


  • A long, narrow boat used on canals.

    • ‘As part of his prize, the 64-year-old and his family were treated to a day aboard the canal boat Community Spirit.’
    • ‘Three months before there was an arson attack on a canal boat moored in Semington.’
    • ‘In the morning you could smell bacon coming from some of the canal boats, in the evening you could see smoke coming from the chimneys.’
    • ‘The former ship's steward even got a chance to pilot a canal boat.’
    • ‘Guests will also have the opportunity to climb aboard an authentic canal boat located at the center of the town, or tour the Royce Craft Basket facility and see weavers creating their signature collectible baskets.’
    • ‘There was no secret location - they got hitched on a canal boat cruising past a public footpath.’
    • ‘At Apsley Basin, in the centre of Huddersfield, canal boats are moored before continuing their journey.’
    • ‘He helped disabled and disadvantaged people to gain access to canal boats through his work with local charities.’
    • ‘Maybe the canal boat is a bit damp or the garden that's good for parties is now hard work.’
    • ‘They bought the partly completed 65-feet long canal boat in November and moved it to a mooring at Pewsey.’
    • ‘The Port Hamilton basin is a circular quay where canal boats packed with coal, wood and quarried stone once unloaded and then turned.’
    • ‘This time Banks is investigating two fatal fires in his North Yorkshire town, one in a caravan and the other on two canal boats.’
    • ‘Mr West described how he, his wife Julia, his father-in-law and the two girls had spent the afternoon in Skipton, where they had hoped to go on a canal boat trip but found it too busy.’
    • ‘Environmental standards are high on the agenda here, with many canal boats being powered by used cooking oil.’
    • ‘What the guide didn't say was that attaining any speed higher than five miles an hour is practically impossible on a chartered canal boat.’
    • ‘At Nob End, walkers can see the unique lock flight that lifted canal boats up 66 ft in just 200 yards.’
    • ‘The canal boats in the early days were towed by horse, moving about two miles per hour.’
    • ‘People on canal boats often moor here and I'm sure families would use it if there were better facilities here,’ Mrs Ralph said.’
    • ‘The display featured a canal scene in memory of his work with the canal boats.’
    • ‘Organised by British Waterways and Pennine Cruisers, the event is the largest annual meeting of canal boats in the north of England.’


canal boat