Definition of Canadianism in English:



  • 1A word, expression, or other language feature that is characteristically Canadian.

    ‘I know I use more Canadianisms, and that I raise vowels more’
    • ‘Here we have an Australianism being turned into a Canadianism.’
    • ‘With my daughter, who's Canadian, when she's around, the Americanisms and Canadianisms start to come out.’
    • ‘Around this time a Canadian writer visited Australia and, after his visit, sent a copy of a piece he had written, asking for assistance in checking what he called his 'Canadianisms'.’
    • ‘By Canadianisms, she's referring to the francophone aspects of the settlement, the pioneerish vibe of the storyline, and landscape descriptions that feels distinctly familiar to anyone from Alberta.’
    • ‘If, constant reader, you find I have committed any additional Canadianisms, I refer you to Bill Casselman's "Canadian Sayings", volumes 1 and 2.’
    • ‘The use of the odd Canadianism, too - "get the puck in the net" - keeps employees on their toes.’
    • ‘This no more convinced my American chum than any of my Canadianisms pass muster with my English friends and relatives.’
    • ‘He argued against eh being a Canadianism, citing examples of eh from English writings around the world.’
    • ‘Marion Bridge is entirely Canadian, and like many of us the chance to see the use of Canadianisms on screen will keep you commenting the entire time.’
  • 2mass noun The state of being Canadian, or the character and spirit characteristic of Canadians.

    ‘he seems determined to submerge his Canadianism by becoming an expert on life in the US’
    • ‘On New Year's Day 1939, conventional "Canadianism" prevailed.’
    • ‘He scores the pub quiz pedant's point for pointing out in BLOCK CAPITALS that the REASON NEIL YOUNG wasn't on the list of best US bands was his Canadianism.’
    • ‘Quebec's rejection of Canadianism could be their move towards the retribalizing that we're all heading towards.’
    • ‘He was the pilot of the last flying fortress of Canadianism.’
    • ‘There can be no doubt about his commitment to civil rights, to ending discrimination against ethnic minorities (from which he had suffered because of his German name), and to an unhyphenated Canadianism.’
    • ‘The third thrust of the argument in McLuhan in Space is the importance of McLuhan's Canadianism.’
    • ‘If this sounds like a dubiously corporate triumph, one might consider as well the growth of corporate nationalism - or "branded" Canadianism - in recent years.’
    • ‘The mayor chose the Canadian Moose, done up in a myriad of colours and garbs, as the symbol of the deeply rooted "Canadianism" of what is, in reality, the most pluralistic and most cosmopolitan of Canadian cities.’
    • ‘It declared that "Canadianism should be the determinant in shaping recommendations" (1938, 1).’