Definition of Canadian French in English:

Canadian French


mass noun
  • The form of the French language written and spoken by French Canadians.

    • ‘As for those phrase-final prepositions in Canadian French and Mexican Spanish, I'll try to get back to them in a later post.’
    • ‘It's important to keep in mind that all this is separate from the stranding of prepositions at the end of relative clauses, which is allowed in some varieties of Canadian French.’
    • ‘Doesn't the publishing company have editors that can find someone who knows Canadian French to help out in a case like this?’
    • ‘The vocabulary and pronunciation of Canadian French differ from those of the French spoken in France.’
    • ‘He learned about the cultures and the languages, learning Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, and English.’
    • ‘The system is bilingual and voice recognition is excellent in both English and Canadian French.’
    • ‘As I understood her talk, King's main argument for this view is a correlation between preposition-borrowing and preposition-stranding among different geographical variants of Canadian French.’