Definition of Canadian in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Canada or its inhabitants.

    ‘the Canadian government's economic policies’
    ‘a culture that is distinctly Canadian’
    • ‘The specter of America looms large in Canadian life.’
    • ‘A gravel road leads about a mile north to the Canadian border.’
    • ‘He carved out a recognizable new voice for Canadian poetry.’
    • ‘Plaskett's music's distinctively Canadian and for those who know him, he's as synonymous with our country as The Hip are.’
    • ‘Enough of this backbiting; let's take a lungful of that clean Canadian air.’
    • ‘This has created a kind of mosaic-like quality in Canadian ethnic relations in which being Canadian does not necessarily take precedence over being Japanese or Italian or Somalian or Pakistani.’
    • ‘This album is purely Canadian in all the best ways.’
    • ‘They will continue to send pork to Canadian superstore shelves.’
    • ‘If they were to initiate a genuine dialogue on what constitutes Canadian foreign policy, we believe that non-traditional departments should be brought into the discussion.’
    • ‘The beaver, which appears often on Canadian souvenirs, might seem to be an odd animal to have as a national symbol.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Canada.

    ‘a 27-year-old Canadian from Ontario’
    ‘more than four million Canadians play hockey’
    • ‘I suppose it's possible they mistook me for a Canadian.’
    • ‘As a team we have a nice mix - there's another Swede, a Russian and a Canadian.’
    • ‘Some Canadians are rather touchy about criticism from Americans regarding freedom of speech in Canada.’
    • ‘Younger, better educated and Canadians with higher incomes are the drivers of these changes.’
    • ‘A new deal for cities is great news for city-dwellers - eighty percent of Canadians.’
    • ‘"Sounds awful," said one Canadian before dinner, but by the end of the meal he had changed his mind.’
    • ‘As of 1996, the proportion of Canadians reporting English as their mother tongue was just under 60 percent while those reporting French as their mother tongue was slightly less than 24 percent.’
    • ‘All our municipalities need new options so that, from their homes, Canadians everywhere can be citizens of the world.’
    • ‘That most Canadians do not follow hockey in any serious way does not diminish its role as a key cultural symbol.’