Definition of can-do in English:



  • Having or showing a determination or willingness to take action and achieve results.

    ‘I like his can-do attitude’
    • ‘Hmas Tobruk's renowned can-do attitude came to the fore when a remote coastal landing was in jeopardy last month because of ill-tempered tides.’
    • ‘They combine the work ethic of Baby Boomers with the can-do attitude of Veterans and the technological savvy of Generation Xers.’
    • ‘He impressed everyone with his spirit, cheerfulness and can-do attitude, and was an inspiration to other children, said Mrs Sinker.’
    • ‘There is a can-do attitude here and now a lot of people are choosing to restore the crofts instead of going into modern-built houses.’
    • ‘What most people seem to really want is a kind and benevolent laird with a can-do attitude and deep pockets.’
    • ‘Now that he's in charge, he's forcing a can-do attitude on a bureaucracy that's unaccustomed to a leader who actually expects results.’
    • ‘He has just been elected, having spent years as commander of the Baltic Fleet, and seems to have a can-do military attitude.’
    • ‘The executives that I met with impressed me with their drive, intelligence, business savvy and can-do attitude.’
    • ‘Mercury's passage through practical Virgo is giving you a can-do attitude.’
    • ‘It's an army completely lacking a can-do attitude.’
    • ‘It is this can-do attitude that the Gujaratis have carried with them to different parts of the globe.’
    • ‘Ramsey's can-do attitude, combined with high academic marks, recently won him some high-powered help towards reaching his goals.’
    • ‘If you have a can-do attitude, too, we want to hear from you!’
    • ‘The generosity and can-do attitude of people such as Kenneth Branagh and Dame Judi Dench is always amazing.’
    • ‘They make a good farm team because they share a can-do attitude, they're forward thinking and always curious about finding ways to farm better.’
    • ‘Murphy attributes his outgoing, can-do attitude in part to his family.’
    • ‘His can-do attitude spurred him on and he took part-time work to get by while continuing to write songs.’
    • ‘She's a buxom lady with deft fingers and a can-do attitude, and we find her huddled over a clay screen at the village hall in Litton, one of the happiest little hamlets in the Peak District.’
    • ‘The can-do attitude that she and other migrants display, the determination to make something of their life in the north, puts the squabbling locals to shame.’
    • ‘Positive energy, ambition and a can-do attitude is visible on many faces.’