Definition of campesino in English:



  • (in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries) a peasant farmer.

    • ‘Until recently, the great majority of corn consumed in Mexico was produced by Mexican farmers, or campesinos.’
    • ‘The campesinos set up camp in front of the Governor's palace and at times blocked streets to call attention to their demands.’
    • ‘Though the initial rebellion began with campesinos, unrest is spreading throughout Mexico because of planned and rumored privatizations of key industries like telecommunications and energy.’
    • ‘Most are smallholder farmers who call themselves campesinos.’
    • ‘It is made abundantly clear to campesinos out in the countryside that to grow coca is against the law.’
    • ‘The consumption of homemade tortillas is a source of pride for campesinos and campesinas alike.’
    • ‘Contreras is a soft-spoken country boy - a campesino, he says - from a remote rural area of western Cuba and is the youngest of nine children.’
    • ‘In Ecuador, campesinos, native organizations, and workers recently elected the country's first indigenous President, Lucio Gutierrez, over the nation's richest man.’
    • ‘These Central American immigrants, including university students, teachers, clergy, and campesinos, came from all classes and political persuasions.’
    • ‘And without the rivers, the campesinos could not irrigate the tiny corn patches that fed their families.’
    • ‘He's already trying to spend as little time as possible in the Puerto Asis area, even though he has invested more than five years of effort in organizing campesinos there.’
    • ‘The marcher emphasizes that the campesinos are demanding their rights as campesinos, but even more so as humans, contrasting them with the townspeople who, he says, are granted rights and whose rights are respected.’
    • ‘Corn is the staple of the Mexican diet, it is the crop most campesinos grow, and it has never before happened that Mexico could not produce enough for its own needs.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, many of the campesinos in rural Mexico who farm basic foodstuffs in the current environment are doing so at higher social costs.’
    • ‘We stood in line with the campesinos, machateros, trabajadores, and their chickens and dogs, bought our tickets, then took our seats in the nearly empty first class coach.’
    • ‘In the post-war years, thousands of landless peasants - campesinos - demanding land reform, began to clear the forest and occupy this and similar virgin territory.’
    • ‘Long-promised programs to help 20 million campesinos switch to export crops never materialized.’
    • ‘Yet throughout the country campesinos making land claims were met with hostility, threats and violence.’
    • ‘In Peru, the National Council of South American Camelids has developed techniques for capturing and harvesting wool from wild vicunas, and has taught and supervised campesinos in vicuna management.’
    • ‘With most campesinos content with this Breughelian subsistence, Peru ends up importing 70 percent of its corn, sugar, potatoes, and rice.’
    bumpkin, country bumpkin, country cousin, rustic, countryman, countrywoman, country dweller, daughter of the soil, son of the soil, peasant, provincial, oaf, lout, boor, barbarian
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