Definition of camper in English:



  • 1A person who spends a holiday in a tent or holiday camp.

    ‘the site offers washing facilities for campers’
    • ‘More than 500 campers reported items missing from their tents, while in some cases the tent itself went missing.’
    • ‘The ravine soon became a favorite and picturesque spot for adventurous campers and climbers, but the first skier didn't appear until April 1914.’
    • ‘One got sick after it visited a campground where campers fed it hot dogs and popcorn.’
    • ‘The place is still busy with boaters and swimmers and campers and fishermen.’
    • ‘Horse riders, campers and those on walking holidays seem to be the main tourists visiting.’
    • ‘Apart from the beautiful views, the site has a very high standard of facilities and several campers have remarked how impressed they were with every aspect of the park.’
    • ‘When it comes to quickly setting up temporary buildings, the military relies on structures familiar to hikers and campers - tents.’
    • ‘A couple of campers had left their tents for the night to go walking and they must have been swamped.’
    • ‘The assistant director for programming says that campers enjoy the people and their new friendships the most.’
    • ‘More tourists, campers, horse riders and others visit this area of the Laois side of the Mountains than any other.’
    • ‘The products are geared to outdoor enthusiasts like hunters, campers, hikers and the like.’
    • ‘It turned out some of the campers had never played baseball before, only softball.’
    • ‘The controlled operation will help protect campers and holidaymakers from loose rocks falling towards the Mount Maunganui hot pools and motor camp this summer.’
    • ‘But there is a nice view from this height, and across the lake I can see the tents of some sleeping campers yet to rise.’
    • ‘The Glasgow site sells a vast array of gear for hillwalkers, climbers, campers, canoeists, skiers, snowboarders and adventure travellers.’
    • ‘It is set in the beautiful, mysterious landscape of the Peak District in the North of England, populated by a bizarre collection of campers, ramblers and hikers.’
    • ‘At weekends, the beaches are thick with surfers, volleyball players, all-day picnicking families and overnight campers.’
    • ‘Emerging from the tent I saw the campers around us were hastily packing everything up and then dragging all their soaking gear to the shelter of the kitchen area, huddling there wet and cramped.’
    • ‘Less-rustic accommodations are available in the main lodge or in one of 12 cabins, while hardier campers can get economy-class tents.’
    • ‘Christmas is looming ever closer, and this morning on the radio warnings were going out to holiday campers, to have a contingency for possible evacuations, in the event of fire.’
  • 2British A large motor vehicle with living accommodation.

    • ‘The TV presenters shunned the traditional showbiz wedding by marrying in a local church before driving off in a camper van.’
    • ‘After clinching the World Cup in Germany on Sunday, Cooke was facing a drive to Holland for another race on Monday - and the prospect of a night's sleep in the team camper van.’
    • ‘There was also a British Heart Foundation van collecting and delivering in the area on that day and that should not be confused with the camper van.’
    • ‘Philip and his niece Bryony escaped injury when the camper van they were travelling in burst into flames in the middle of the road.’
    • ‘Police also seized the camper van and questioned six members of the team staff as witnesses.’
    • ‘I enjoy ‘getting away from it all’ in my camper van.’
    • ‘The accident on the Perth to Inverness road involved a Transit van, a camper van and a Volkswagen Polo thought to be from the continent.’
    • ‘One contributor left his job as an aircraft design engineer to travel Europe in a camper van, researching little-known megalithic sites to add to the fast-growing sections on France and Germany.’
    • ‘Before returning to Britain, Eleanor was touring New Zealand in a camper van, but recently much of her property, including her mobile phone, was stolen.’
    • ‘In true festival fashion the pair will be driving down from Yorkshire in a camper van which will convert into their stall over the three days of the festival.’
    • ‘The project sees workers and advisers travelling round in a camper van and stopping when they come across youngsters hanging about on the streets.’
    • ‘Someone's car had blocked our camper van in and we had to leave.’
    • ‘The applicant in that case had serious health problems and had, he alleged, been evicted from accommodation and compelled to live in a camper van so that his health deteriorated and he had to be taken to hospital.’
    • ‘She had gone to get something from her camper van and was in the road when the ice-cream van approached and hit the parked car.’
    • ‘A police spokesman said a collie was struck by a passing car as it escaped the camper van and ran away from the scene of the accident.’
    • ‘Sure enough, there were quantities of visitors around the site and caravans and campers parked nearby.’
    • ‘‘After working at Cameron House, on the shores of Loch Lomond, I decided to travel round France for three months in a camper van with another chef,’ he says.’
    • ‘Whether it's a tourer, a motorhome, a holiday home or even a folding camper, the winning leisure vehicle will be decked out with mod cons fit for a gadget geek in heaven.’
    • ‘The caravan park was crammed with campers, vans and tents.’
    • ‘This Summer, my wife and I spent three weeks in a camper van following the team around New Zealand.’
    1. 2.1North American A caravan.
      • ‘It features tents, campers, fishing gear, boats, kayaks and outerwear, making your camping experience enjoyable.’
      • ‘Many guests had to find beds in area hotels, campers, and even tents.’
      • ‘Lots of campers, tents and cars line the sides of the roads near the top of the climb.’
      • ‘The Polka are a semi-nomadic people, traversing the continent in motorhomes and campers annually in search of summer recreation at Polka Festivals.’
      • ‘Do not use portable heaters or lanterns while sleeping in enclosed areas such as tents, campers, and other vehicles.’
      • ‘Thanks to everyone for coming on this trip especially Graeme for his excellent driving and the use of his supersized camper.’
      • ‘Where the road ends and wilderness begins, horse trailers, campers, and trucks are parked.’
      • ‘Do not carry or drink alcoholic beverages outside of campers or trailers.’
      • ‘Avoid using charcoal grills indoors, in tents, campers, and garages.’
      • ‘He crawled in the camper and into the sleeping bag.’
      • ‘Then there are those who like the feel of a tent but some need a camper with a bed.’
      • ‘Everybody agreed, and went into the camper, but the guys set up the tent first.’
      • ‘Almost all spent the week living on site, some in their campers and most in village buildings.’
      • ‘Several hours and lots of dancing later the party wound down, with some guests staying overnight in campers and tents, or just rolling up in sleeping bags.’
      mobile home, caravanette
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