Definition of camp oven in English:

camp oven


NZ, Australian
  • A three-legged iron cooking pot with a recessed lid that doubles as a cooking pan.

    ‘the dough is kneaded and placed in the camp oven’
    • ‘We spent the morning washing clothes, sorting food and gear, and making scones in an improvised camp oven - jolly good too.’
    • ‘Then, after heating up some water in the camp oven, I stripped off so that I could quickly wash myself with soap and a warm sponge.’
    • ‘The fireplace of the shack had wire hooks dangling from a bar, a black kettle and a camp oven to bake bread in.’
    • ‘A camp oven may seem like a pretty basic piece of kit, but, in the right hands, it can produce mouthwatering culinary wonders.’
    • ‘Brian prepared a somewhat unusual culinary feast that evening comprising a stew made up of macaroni, bacon, cheese, peas, and onions, all thrown in together in the camp oven.’
    • ‘The secret to camp oven cooking is to have a slow fire.’
    • ‘Pies and pasties, looking just like they'd come from a bakery window, were retrieved from camp ovens with pride.’
    • ‘To save time and money when baking in small batches, use a cast iron camp oven on the stove top.’
    • ‘Maria had to cook the meals in a camp oven over an open fire, the provisions were added to by the occasional pigeon shot by the men.’
    • ‘The Mount Bryan East Area had been occupied by the Aborigines for thousands of years and evidence of this occupation, such as grinding stones, hammers, axes and camp ovens, is still found in the area.’