Definition of camp follower in English:

camp follower


  • 1A civilian who works in or is attached to a military camp.

    • ‘As camp followers could hinder as well as help the military, they had to be controlled.’
    • ‘Many women served in the Revolutionary War as camp followers.’
    • ‘Accompanying the major scenes are small vignettes, seen at close quarters, showing how these great events affected English rustics in Wessex, private soldiers, camp followers, and other ordinary people.’
    • ‘These troops, together with a large contingent of support personnel, family members, and camp followers, marched to Fort Leavenworth.’
    • ‘Since most armies lived off the land, and this often limited the size of the army, the force that hauled along the fewest camp followers had a substantial military advantage.’
    • ‘Nacy rejects the characterization of army officers' wives as either camp followers or women who differed little from other frontier women.’
    • ‘When she headed the nursing units during the Crimean War, her nurses wore dark gray, full-length dresses covered by white aprons to distinguish them from other female camp followers.’
    • ‘Each camp had chaplains, cooks, camp followers, singers, and verse writers.’
    • ‘The Roman army on campaign attracted camp followers, and the later physical expression of this is the civil settlement.’
    • ‘Of course, the occupying army, like every army, will attract camp followers; these are the scavengers of war, profiteering at the margins.’
    • ‘His mother, reputedly a sorceress, became a camp follower of the British colonial regiment.’
    • ‘But until armies expanded the services they provided to encompass most of their soldiers' needs, camp followers were an integral part of warfare.’
    • ‘As the theatre of war moved south, so did the smallpox, primarily affecting civilians, camp followers, and irregular troops in both armies.’
    • ‘Out of 4,000 soldiers and 12,000 camp followers only a handful survived.’
    • ‘They figured I'm a camp follower, I guess, or a soldier's wife.’
    • ‘Women who followed armies, whether wives of not, were called camp followers.’
    • ‘Our military has 1.4 million people, with a huge apparatus of camp followers, dependents, and civilians spread all over the world from Iceland to Japan.’
    • ‘It is true that, from time immemorial, armies have always been attended by camp followers.’
    • ‘Berkin writes about the poorer women who threw in their lot with the soldiers, becoming camp followers, a longstanding tradition with the British army.’
    • ‘It may have been carried from India in the fourth century BC by returning soldiers and camp followers of the Greek wars of conquest in Asia.’
    subordinate, inferior, deputy, junior, assistant, adjutant, aide, minion, lackey, flunkey, menial, retainer, vassal, subject, serf, hireling, servant, henchman, myrmidon, right-hand man, right-hand woman, girl friday, man friday, factotum, stooge
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    1. 1.1 A person who is nominally attached to a group but does not make a substantial contribution to its activities.
      ‘cynical opportunists and camp followers’
      • ‘Racing only against herself, she wins every time, and has become a gentler, somewhat less outré Tallulah for our time, complete with giggly camp followers.’
      • ‘And didn't the other two members of the faction - and all their camp followers - laugh and laugh and laugh at the silly Senator.’
      • ‘And of course Guevara has been a revolutionary poster boy forever and Cuba's potent combination of sunshine and socialism has always had its camp followers.’
      • ‘But by 1914 he was working for a compromise, unlike Lord Milner and his fervent camp followers who really seemed ready to plunge Britain into a civil war.’
      • ‘Now that global corporations are shifting to a more sympathetic line, one awaits a similar revisionism among their media camp followers.’
      • ‘Exactly eight months ago, with Europe finally beginning to use its new currency, many of the Blairite camp followers were confident that Britain would soon follow suit.’
      • ‘One of the Scotland team's camp followers, in between filing reports on Scotland's opening match against Japan, managed to find time to enjoy the debilitating night life.’
      • ‘Joseph doesn't emphasise sufficiently that Balanchine was always his own man, with a range of professional activities that never made him a mere camp follower of the great composer.’
      • ‘The mass goes well, and our camp followers inform us that we sounded well in the cathedral.’
      • ‘The initial reaction from governing elites and their media camp followers was disbelief.’
      • ‘His camp followers maintain that the Chancellor now wants to see the Prime Minister lay out his exit strategy - to him, if not the country at large.’
      • ‘Yet the reality is that the minister's enthusiastic support is narrowing to a coterie of his camp followers.’
      • ‘Unlike other youth leaders who goad their camp followers to the street demanding more jobs, he says there should be a concerted effort to generate more job opportunities.’
      • ‘Another MP suggested that the prime minister was working up an expectation for an early election among his camp followers.’
      • ‘On the other hand, it would be easy to dismiss this body of work as of mere historical interest since the only Communists left in France are a handful of academics and their camp followers.’
      • ‘They trekked to primary states, not as camp followers of a particular political candidate, but seeking to use the electoral process as a means to bring an end to the war.’
      • ‘He's a camp follower of every anti-American crusade around.’
      • ‘To thousands of camp followers - the notorious Deadheads - they were a way of life, a modern American vision quest that stretched the length and breadth of the land.’
      entourage, escort, company, court, attendant company, staff, personnel, household, cortège, train, suite, following, bodyguard
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camp follower