Definition of camp bed in English:

camp bed


  • A folding portable bed, typically made of canvas stretched over a metal frame.

    • ‘Sarah Jane Masters bought a new pair of desert boots, a camp bed, water bottles, a rucksack, sunglasses and toiletries because she thought standard army issue equipment was not up to the job.’
    • ‘Graham busied himself with putting up the camp beds we'd brought with us while I popped pizzas into the oven for our supper.’
    • ‘Dawn broke to reveal the amazing sight of camp beds and sleeping bags almost encircling the All-England Club.’
    • ‘Sofa beds in the living room, camp beds in the attic and futons in the guest bedroom might all be consigned to the history books if the Aero Bed proves to be a success.’
    • ‘Selby District Council sent two double-decker buses to Kellington and brought residents back to Selby Abbey Leisure Centre where they were given hot food and stayed the night on camp beds and in sleeping bags.’
    • ‘The hospitals were best known for patients lying on camp beds in corridors and for wards infested with cockroaches and rats.’
    • ‘Instead, we sleep outside on camp beds.’
    • ‘It was a bit like a dormitory because all the volunteers brought proper camp beds.’
    • ‘Inside are half a dozen camp beds strewn with sleeping bags.’
    • ‘At night we set up our camp beds in the open under the stars.’
    • ‘I really thought mum would die that night and I asked to sleep in a camp bed next to her bed.’
    • ‘The only furniture was a camp bed, bolted to the floor, and a toilet behind a privacy shield.’
    • ‘He had carried in a large camp bed for himself, and a sleeping bag that was far superior to mine for Max.’
    • ‘I rolled off the camp bed and out of the sleeping bag.’
    • ‘Around 40 people spent the first night on camp beds at the nearby Kirkstall Sports Centre, but most arranged to stay with family and friends in the community.’
    • ‘The streets in the Hutong district were living rooms - people sat out, lay on camp beds, watched TV, played cards.’
    • ‘He said younger people would be invited to stay on the camp beds but older people would be found temporary accommodation.’
    • ‘Also in the past few weeks I attended Abi and David's wedding and have stayed at various houses on sofas, futons, floors and camp beds!’
    • ‘It consisted of a tent, a camp bed, a collapsible desk, a couple of chairs and a bottle of Grouse.’
    • ‘Council tenants whose furniture was ruined had to scramble around borrowing beds when there were stocks of camp beds and blankets tucked away for just such an emergency.’


camp bed