Definition of camiknickers in English:


plural noun

  • A woman's one-piece undergarment which combines camisole and French knickers.

    • ‘Twelve clothing coupons were issued to us each year, which we spent on French knickers, camiknickers and grey silk stockings, so that we felt a little more feminine when off duty.’
    • ‘The tone is set when the lights go up on a politician in camiknickers and fishnet stockings.’
    • ‘This pair of appliquéd silk camiknickers is part of a trousseau for her second marriage in 1940.’
    • ‘The stylist obliged with some elegant silk camiknickers and realised there must be lots of large women out there with the same problem.’
    • ‘Lightweight camiknickers gave a feminine edge to the new boyish chic.’
    • ‘Her camiknickers are made up of the same grey-green silk trimmed with black lace.’
    • ‘Nearby a store dummy was wearing the camiknickers, so I asked a sales assistant to hold up the black teddy, to compare the items.’
    • ‘The restrictions included advertisements with ‘sexual’ overtones, including images of camiknickers and of course birth control devices.’
    • ‘These rare one piece camiknickers have lace on the pantaloon style pantalets.’
    • ‘I have always had to lengthen the shoulder-straps of my camiknickers so that the gusset is not pulled up too tightly for comfort.’
    • ‘Matylda hurriedly pulled her evening dress over her head and slid out of her velour camiknickers.’
    • ‘An electronic sweep of the Palace had found bugging devices concealed in the most bizarre locations - flowerpots, bedpans, jodhpurs, a pair of lovingly restored Victorian camiknickers, and even implanted in one of the ears of the royal corgis.’