Definition of Cameroonian in English:


(also Camerounian)


  • Relating to or characteristic of Cameroon or its people.

    ‘a leading scholar in Cameroonian art’
    • ‘I am helping my Cameroonian brothers to realize their dreams: that of going elsewhere to search for jobs.’
    • ‘Most of Bona's lyrics are in Douala, one of 220 Cameroonian dialects.’
    • ‘This paper evaluates how Cameroonian businesses are using the Internet.’
    • ‘Cameroonian folklore has many intriguing myths, legends, and proverbs from its varied cultural groups.’
    • ‘His father was Senegalese, his mother was Cameroonian.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Cameroon, or a person of Cameroonian descent.

    ‘a Cameroonian living in Holland’
    • ‘Cameroonians speak about twenty-four different African languages.’
    • ‘About three-fourths of all adult Cameroonians are bilingual, either in English or in French.’
    • ‘A Cameroonian, he says respect for others and a love of life are not considered optional extras, they are the very basics by which he exists.’
    • ‘There are several penalty takers at the club so it is unlikely that the Cameroonian will be taking any spot kicks on Wednesday.’
    • ‘The Cameroonians were divided in support betweenthe two teams, with a slight majority favouring Italy.’