Definition of cameraman in English:


nounPlural cameramen

  • A person whose profession is operating a video, television, or film camera.

    • ‘It was especially bad for directors, but also cameramen and actors, who had a very poor standard of life.’
    • ‘I understand that he probably wasn't able to afford a professional cameraman.’
    • ‘Photographers and television cameramen were allowed to take pictures of the two leaders just before the start of the session.’
    • ‘The drama, on Sunday November 25, was captured on videotape by an Afghan cameraman.’
    • ‘Police forced the cameramen to discontinued filming the fight as Burns stumbled to the ground.’
    • ‘When you announce that one of your staff was hurt, you expect phone calls from the families of all these reporters and cameramen.’
    • ‘There are lives that unravel completely, with only a cameraman and a sound engineer as witnesses.’
    • ‘After a cut, the video camera pans right and a cameraman appears in long shot holding a film camera.’
    • ‘To capture this took a heady mix of patient cameramen, infra-red cameras and ultra high-speed video.’
    • ‘Her car was pursued by a caravan of newspaper reporters, while television cameramen hovered overhead in helicopters.’
    • ‘Crowds screamed at the soldiers while the task force attempted to stop cameramen from filming.’
    • ‘The cameramen filmed the explosion of a Pembroke aircraft, for a new spy series, The Sandbaggers, which goes out in September.’
    • ‘Officers watched the crowd through binoculars and police cameramen filmed participants' faces.’
    • ‘In the programme's opening credits, a cameraman on a large pulley produced a brilliant camera angle.’
    • ‘He was a cameraman, a director and an editor who had a gut reaction to a story and was passionate about his craft.’
    • ‘The announcers and cameramen handled it professionally.’
    • ‘What is less well remembered is that one in five of the reporters and cameramen covering the event were sent to the hospital.’
    • ‘Scenes of devastation are recorded by TV cameramen daily until the mind goes numb.’
    • ‘Mick Westerman, the video cameraman, wondered if he was a better golfer than commentator.’
    • ‘The cameramen were filming the event, and the ever-present director was narrating.’