Definition of camel cricket in English:

camel cricket


  • A humpbacked wingless insect related to the grasshoppers, typically living in caves or holes.

    Family Raphidophoridae: several genera

    Also called cave cricket
    • ‘Some camel crickets are predators, and they come out at night to feed on other insects.’
    • ‘If only a few camel crickets are noted throughout the winter, simply remove them by hand.’
    • ‘When you come upon the camel cricket, it springs at you, but so quickly you can't see it.’
    • ‘This is especially effective for camel crickets which prefer a moist environment.’
    • ‘Jerusalem crickets and camel crickets have lost their wings entirely.’
    • ‘Another name for camel crickets is cave crickets, and some species that inhabit the lightless, subterranean realm are sightless.’
    • ‘Is there anything I can do to get rid of camel crickets that is safe to use around chickens?’
    • ‘Treating indoor floor areas where camel crickets hide during the day is a last resort of limited benefit.’
    • ‘There are lots of products on the market that will control camel crickets, but cats are super sensitive to chemicals.’
    • ‘Like other crickets, camel crickets will invade buildings in the fall seeking suitable places to pass the winter.’