Definition of Camberwell beauty in English:

Camberwell beauty


  • A migratory butterfly with deep purple yellow-bordered wings.

    Nymphalis antiopa, subfamily Nymphalinae, family Nymphalidae

    North American term mourning cloak
    • ‘There are plenty of birds too including shrikes, stonechats and larks, and butterflies including swallowtails, and in the woodland glades, Camberwell beauties.’
    • ‘The trip will include a visit to the famous dry grasslands of Kielheim, excellent for spotting butterflies such as Camberwell beauties, field crickets, and green lizards.’
    • ‘These wanderings explain the occurrence of Camberwell beauties in Britain, with the highest numbers arriving in 1846, 1872, 1947, 1976 and 1995.’
    • ‘Thus it came to be known as the Camberwell beauty.’
    • ‘There were a few orange-tips, small tortoiseshells, peacocks and Camberwell beauties.’
    • ‘The small number of Camberwell beauties was perhaps a different matter and they would have come from Scandinavia.’


Mid 19th century: named after Camberwell in London, then a village, where the first specimens were captured.


Camberwell beauty

/ˌkambəwɛl ˈbjuːti/