Definition of camail in English:



  • A piece of chain mail attached to the headpiece and protecting the neck and shoulders.

    ‘Turkish helmets fitted with a camail’
    • ‘By the middle of the century the crowns had been lowered, the skull piece extended to cover the sides and back of the head, and the camail added.’
    • ‘Beneath all this, he wore a coif of mail, which was more close fitting than the camail and was held in place by means of a leather strap around his temples.’
    • ‘The other day they threw over me one of these camails; and a pleasant figure it made of me.’
    • ‘The basinets were formed into a sharp point, with a camail attached.’
    • ‘The thin plate which covered the edge of the camail is perforated with trefoil decoration.’
    armour, coat of mail, chain mail, chain armour
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Early 19th century: French, from Provençal capmalh, from cap ‘head’ + malh mail.