Definition of calzone in English:



  • A type of pizza that is folded in half before cooking to contain a filling.

    • ‘Then, use your fingers or a pastry brush to rub the calzones with the mixture.’
    • ‘Besides his gourmet pizzas, Al's is known for calzones.’
    • ‘Someone in the group opted for gigantic calzone stuffed with roast lamb, potato, kumara, onions and pumpkin while another chose a similar dish with a filling of chicken, cranberry and Brie.’
    • ‘‘I can't tell them to go away,’ said Zechariah, swallowing a piece of a calzone.’
    • ‘Lunchtime pizzas and calzones are superb, particularly the eggplant Parmesan pizza.’
    • ‘Moon River Pizza also serves calzones, salads and breadsticks and has a beer and wine license.’
    • ‘I was offered five or six different kinds of bread, including a vast olive muffin and a mushroom, cheese and ham thing that was all but a calzone.’
    • ‘It's great for making bread rolls, pizzas, calzones, and pinwheels.’
    • ‘Small, individual-sized calzoni are made by folding circles of dough in half over the filling.’
    • ‘Still chewing on the last of his calzone, the boy led Sam to the corner.’
    • ‘Zizzi is an Italian restaurant serving mainly pizzas, calzone and pasta.’
    • ‘They also make the round, thin crust type, as well as calzones stuffed with spinach, ham and cheese.’
    • ‘In addition to an array of pastas, they have pizza, calzones, strombolis and a variety of veal, chicken and seafood dishes.’
    • ‘A calzone is a sandwich with bread that is made with pizza dough.’
    • ‘My list includes things like hamburgers, grilled chicken, chili, tacos and calzones.’
    • ‘We started with a feta-stuffed Fatayer, which was described as a ‘pie’, but was more of a calzone, with bready dough rather than pastry.’
    • ‘I picked up calzones and they're getting cold.’
    • ‘At lunchtime the next day as I sat in my room semi-happily munching on one of Steve's awesome calzone's and shoving books and magazines into packing boxes, my phone rang.’
    • ‘The menu also has calzones, hoagies and salads.’
    • ‘For instance, Luigi must calculate how fast pizza dough falls once it's tossed into the air and how quickly calzones stored in a warehouse will decay.’


Italian dialect, probably a special use of calzone ‘trouser leg’, with reference to the shape of the pizza.