Definition of calypsonian in English:


adjective & noun

  • See calypso

    • ‘I think that now is the time for calypsonians to make a serious contribution in dealing with the crime situation.’
    • ‘I really appreciate that the crowd is cheering on the calypsonians.’
    • ‘A singer, musician, promoter, calypso tent manager, calypso judge, and above all, a father figure to many calypsonians, he was also responsible for launching the careers of many aspiring calypsonians.’
    • ‘An editorial in the Newsday newspaper last month said that while calypsonians have always been permitted a certain latitude with their songs, society cannot permit anyone to make fun of murder and kidnapping.’
    • ‘They now force calypsonians to depend on Carnival instead of encouraging them to make local songs right through the year.’