Definition of Calvinist in English:



  • An adherent of the Protestant theological system of John Calvin and his successors.

    ‘she was a strict Calvinist’
    • ‘He was a lapsed Calvinist who held all religions in contempt.’
    • ‘We learn that she is a Calvinist, too modest to even show her hair, going uneasily to a society where sensuality is not repudiated.’
    • ‘She is condemned for a typical Popish practice, in the eyes of the Calvinist.’
    • ‘By 1564, Richier, a Calvinist, had left for Geneva, where he died.’
    • ‘As general images of piety and repentance, they would be acceptable even to the severest Calvinist.’


  • Relating to the Protestant theological system of John Calvin and his successors.

    ‘the Dutch state was still distinctly Calvinist’
    • ‘Officially Calvinist, it practiced an enlightened religious toleration that also aided its prosperity.’
    • ‘He recalls the influence of Knox and the Calvinist devotion to learning which was once one of the country's strongest traditions.’
    • ‘Is he holding him morally responsible, or is he taking a Calvinist position that the damned are born damned?’
    • ‘It conveys a theology that is quite different from Calvinist theology.’
    • ‘Iago's speech is a mock sermon, but it contains in its colloquial form certain elements that reflect Calvinist thinking.’
    • ‘He was raised in a strict Calvinist household where secular diversions were forbidden.’
    • ‘This not only made Calvinist hearts happy, it was good business sense.’
    • ‘Because of Calvinist proscription of the use of images in worship, patronage for altarpieces and private devotional objects virtually dried up.’
    • ‘His world was deeply imbued in a Calvinist orthodoxy that was to take on sectarian overtones.’
    • ‘Not until the 18th century, did the unaccompanied, monophonic psalm singing of the Calvinist worship begin to be elaborated.’