Definition of calmodulin in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A protein which binds calcium and is involved in regulating a variety of activities in cells.

    • ‘One of the subunits of this enzyme is the ubiquitous protein, calmodulin.’
    • ‘High levels of intracellular calcium allow calmodulin to activate the myosin light chain kinase that facilitates muscle contraction.’
    • ‘As examples, we have probed yeast proteome chips with calmodulin and six different phospholipids.’
    • ‘These mechanisms include allosteric regulation, regulation by reversible covalent modification and regulation by control proteins such as calmodulin.’
    • ‘A trivial reason explaining how both step sizes can be the same, is that the labeled calmodulin is bound to the catalytic domain.’


1970s: from cal(cium) + modul(ate) + -in.