Definition of calluna in English:



mass noun
  • The common heather of Europe and Asia Minor.

    • ‘One heather grower now brands his ericas and callunas ‘The Honey Plant’ in order to make them more attractive to customers.’
    • ‘Although callunas need lime-free soil, winter flowering carnea varieties will endure lime, and Erica vagans will cope with neutral ground.’
    • ‘The bud bloomer form has been popular in Germany for many years and was developed from a cross between Calluna vulgaris and a moorland calluna, which had grown with unopened flowers.’
    • ‘They are not as hateful of chalk as are the callunas but they'll be even better where soil is lime-free.’
    • ‘Since 1985 they have been replacing exotics with native species, although they have retained a waratah planted in the late sixties, as well as callunas and ericas.’
    • ‘Suitable plants for low maintenance beds include the junipers, especially the spreading rather than the upright versions, callunas and ericas which flower all the way through from April to January.’
    • ‘The winter-flowering carneas and the summer-flowering callunas provide foliage and floral interest throughout the year.’


Early 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek kallunein ‘beautify, sweep clean’ (from kallos ‘beauty’). The notion of ‘sweeping’ is also seen in the noun broom, brooms being originally made of twigs of heather or broom.