Definition of calloused in English:


(also callused)


  • (of a part of the body) having an area of hardened skin.

    ‘a calloused palm’
    • ‘I was wearing a button up shirt pajama set so I could feel Colton's rough, callused palm directly on my skin.’
    • ‘His rough, calloused fingers made her skin tingle.’
    • ‘She took his rough, calloused hands in her own soft, slender ones and told him the only thing she wanted was for him to return safely.’
    • ‘In these circumstances, a man with highly calloused palms can make quite a good living.’
    • ‘Underneath the hardened, calloused hands and slightly sunburnt nose, there was a hint of elegance.’
    • ‘His hands looked the same, callused, tanned and rough.’
    • ‘Grabbing the boy by his hair, he pulled his head forward, running his finger along the rough calloused scar on the back of the boy's neck.’
    • ‘Yeah, the idealist is still alive, somewhere deep under this calloused skin.’
    • ‘The skin on my buttocks now seems permanently calloused.’
    • ‘His skin was rough and calloused, but his face was flawless.’
    • ‘His callused hand was rough in mine, but comforting.’
    • ‘With scarred, calloused skin, he was much more frightening than Diego could ever hope to be.’
    • ‘The palms were callused and the knuckles had scabs and bruises on them.’
    • ‘By the fall, the keratin layer of skin has become thicker and more calloused in response to the skin's over-exposure to harmful ultra-violet rays from the hot sun of summer.’
    • ‘He shook it formally, his calloused palms rough against her delicate skin but his grip surprisingly gentle.’
    • ‘Soften this thick, callused skin with a little castor oil.’
    • ‘She held it up in front of her, enjoying the whisper of silk against her calloused skin.’
    • ‘She yanked them back, frowning at his calloused skin and cracked nails.’
    • ‘The rustic mechanic looked no different from his city counterparts; grease splattered clothes and calloused palms.’
    • ‘His skin was rough and calloused, and it made the nerves under her skin shudder to feel the texture.’
    dry, leathery, weather-beaten
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