Definition of calligraph in English:



[with object]
  • Write in calligraphic style.

    ‘the invitations were meticulously calligraphed in black ink’
    • ‘Using the spilled sauce, he calligraphed the words ‘Ma La’ (numbing hot) with his finger.’
    • ‘In the slanting rays of the sun, the inscriptions stood out as if having been calligraphed in black crayon.’
    • ‘The book originally had 200 pages of hand-painted illustrations with the explanation and fable neatly calligraphed in ornate Persian on the reverse.’
    • ‘Throughout the campus every poster, every label on every drawer, was beautifully hand calligraphed.’
    • ‘He not only publicly praised it as a pioneering idea, but also calligraphed the project's name.’
    • ‘On the side, calligraphed in elegant black script, were several profound words.’
    • ‘Her poetry was calligraphed on the walls in black marker.’
    • ‘I figured that since the word was calligraphed with such emphasis and affectation, I had to be missing something.’
    • ‘Emily just smiled, turned so her back showed to most of us, and lifted her shirt enough to reveal the word agnitio inscribed in green and blue across it in finely calligraphed letters.’
    • ‘For the first time, the elegantly calligraphed text that appears on the front of each of these drawings will be transcribed.’
    • ‘From cover to cover they are filled with sketches, cartoons, poems, limericks, designs, intertwined calligraphed initials, new tunes, birdsong fragments - in fact anything that captured his fertile imagination.’
    • ‘Faith pulled an envelope out of her purse with beautifully calligraphed letters on the front spelling out her name.’
    • ‘All the revelations in Mecca were being written in 'Queeramuz script', while those in Madina were being calligraphed in 'Hiri script'.’
    • ‘In nicely calligraphed Persian he has inserted the names of buildings, squares and fountains on the map.’