Definition of called-for in English:



  • Demanded or required.

    ‘a called-for prohibition of handguns’
    • ‘I never use the called-for evaporated milk in pumpkin pie.’
    • ‘Fueled by the economy and corporate downsizing, the called-for reforms would put a stronger focus on career preparation at all levels of education.’
    • ‘The UN offers the best and quickest way to resolve the conflict, that is, conducting the called-for plebiscite.’
    • ‘At the height of the gun debate leading police officials stated that the called-for prohibition of handguns would be senseless and a waste of time and money.’
    • ‘The called-for design guidelines have elsewhere increased construction costs and added administrative delays.’
    • ‘The development worker may enable the organizations already doing a sterling job in the area to meet some of the most called-for needs of pensioners.’
    • ‘Chardonnay, the most called-for wine in the world, is now a girl's name.’
    • ‘Were a man to say, "I've never liked kids, and I'm not too crazy about them when they're bigger, either," the called-for response is quite obvious.’
    • ‘The report didn't put a price tag on the called-for studies, but that $1.1 billion will cover only a fraction of the projects.’
    • ‘I want to mention one other measure that has been long called-for and that has been achieved in this Budget, and that is the youth residential drug rehabilitation centre.’
    • ‘He described the PM's visit as "not a called-for situation".’
    • ‘Logic will hopefully dictate that the called-for changes will be implemented.’
    • ‘The called-for monitoring of the loggers allowed into the rain forest's center will come from a new Forest Service with only 150 employees and from state and municipal governments.’
    • ‘The resolution invited the UN Secretary-General to strengthen the military observer group already in place and deploy it on both sides of the border to witness the called-for disengagement.’
    necessary, required, prerequisite, essential, indispensable, vital, needed, needful
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