Definition of Callanetics in English:


plural noun

trademark in UK
  • treated as singular or plural A system of physical exercises based on small repeated movements.

    • ‘Says Mary Adams of Callanetics In The UK: ‘We have had top athletes and girls who haven't exercised in their lives with both groups doing the same thing at their own pace.’
    • ‘Ms. Lewis, a fitness expert and a ballet dancer, has been conducting dance workshops in the city, especially on Callanetics, a fitness programme developed in the U.S.’
    • ‘I spent exactly 48 minutes exercising in a Callanetics studio last year and vowed never to return.’
    • ‘Tracey Habron brims with vibrancy and health, and she does body callanetics.’
    • ‘I've finally reached that point where I've realised I'm not going to fit into my old clothes for a long while yet, Callanetics or no Callanetics.’


1980s: named after Callan Pinckney (born 1939), American deviser of the system, perhaps on the pattern of athletics.